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Pastor Club By Joe Stover

senior pastor Joe STOVER

I believe the web is an awesome opportunity to share and spread the Word. My purpose here is to lay a foundation for practical Christian living. I understand doctrines are important for guidelines, but what is more important is that Jesus said in Luke 4:18 that He came to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. Will live in an age where our society is sinking into a swamp of spiritual and practical failure. We need to look to the scripture, learn how to heal that broken heart, to set that captive free. People live in prisons of compulsive and negative behaviors. Our focus is fulfilling the spirit of Elijah in Malachi 4:5-6. Turn the hearts of father back to son, mother back to daughter and so forth. The first disciples fought the good fight well for Christ as we can see from history. The next generation did not capture the same complete heart of Christ and a dark age of 2,000 years followed. My part is to fulfill that spirit of Elijah, to set captives free heal and the brokenhearted beginning here.

Pastor Joe

founder & retired pastor (1994)

mike akins

My passion to make a difference in the lives as many individuals as possible fulfilling Luke 4:18 led me to starting the Christian Church in 1981. My goal was not to focus on doctrines but to fulfill Rom 12:1-3 in transforming lives through the renewing of their minds.

This heartfelt passion drove me to read the Bible through over 34 times, study the original languages that the Bible was written in, and study all major denominational beliefs. I have seen shattered lives healed and transformed. I have seen individuals that lived in the prisons of compulsive behavior healed of their emotional injuries and transformed into viable vessels of our Creator.

I mentor Joe Stover who is now the pastor of the Christian Church. The information in the recordings of the Pastor’s Club continue to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free.

Mike Akins





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